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What is the main problem facing the government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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19 thoughts on “Discussion Post #1

  1. I think the main problem facing the government right now is the inconsistent sides of republicans and democrats not being able to get along and put an agreement on anything being passed. I also think Trump is an ignorant president when it comes to the circumstances of immigrants and minorities in our country and only cares about the upper class of america.

  2. The main problem right now is the fact that the government is shut down. Donald Trump’s is shutting the government down so he can convince them to further increase the funding for his border wall.

  3. Our main problem facing the government is our president, he is causeing a state of caois for the wall. The one up isn’t doing very well, adding another one will have the same outcome.

  4. I believe our biggest issue in the United States right now is the issue on building up and founding the wall to separate the US and Mexico. The issue is no one wants to pay for this billion dollar steal wall. I think everyone who wants the wall put up in the first place should donate to a go fund me account! That way it’s on them not on the government.

  5. So the main problem is that the government can’t agree on how much money to put towards the wall and stuff like that. It can be corrected by not building the wall at all.

  6. Right now, the biggest problem facing the government is the government shutdown. The government is still currently shut down because the House of Representatives and the Senate are un able to agree on a budget for the wall. There had already been a government shutdown involving this issue. They had agreed on a budget but now President Trump is asking for more money. Personally I am opposed to the wall I believe that the money Trump is asking for is unreasonable. I think the Senate and House of Representatives should agree on something in the middle. The government shutdown would end but there would have to be a change for the wall. I believe it is a good compromise because there is more money then original given but not so much that it’s unreasonable.

  7. Our main problem is the lack of communication. The people don’t have enough say, since everyone feels as if the president isn’t a good one we should vote on more things instead of letting him choose everything for us. When I say lack of communication I mean people don’t know what is going on. We just hear bits and pieces because who really knows what the government is doing right now. There should be more voting going on and a more open line of communication via email or telephone.

  8. i believe the main problem facing the government right now is the financial system. some people aren’t getting their desired needs due to some of trumps new policies.

  9. I believe the issue with our government is that they’re so divided that they can’t come up with a compromisable solution. Some solutions is to find different ways to build the wall without funding it with our money like our president said he wouldn’t be doing.

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  11. I would say that a big problem for our government right now is people’s dissatisfaction with it. As history has taught us, not everyone will agree with what you say or what you do, no matter what. I don’t think there is a way to solve this, as there will always be a person that doesn’t agree.

  12. While America’s troops aren’t involved in any major conflict and the economy is going steady, the biggest issue with the government seems to lie in the discontent/disappointment of the people. I think most of the public’s dissatisfaction with the government is rooted in the controversy surrounding the president, which means there might not be any prominent solution until Trump is no longer in office and the controversy dies down. Since the issue is based off of people’s personal opinion, there’s not a solid correction to the issue. One thing that might help is if people be sure to do their research and know what they stand for before they begin to make assumptions/opinions on government officials. A lot of people like to jump on the bandwagon before truly understanding, which could be a big factor in the public’s discontentedness.

  13. I believe that the biggest problem facing the government today is the trade war with China. This trade war started due to the fact that each nation had placed unfair tariffs on the other nations goods, causing the two nations to reduce trading with each other. I believe that the obvious solution to this solution is to restart trading and not have the tariffs on the opposite nations goods and to let the consumer fairly pick the best product.

  14. What is the main problem facing the government right now? Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?
    The main problem the government is facing is the severe debt they have and how it keeps growing. Some suggestions I can leave are to perform less costly procedures or to not perform any unnecessary procedures, such as the wall Donald Trump is trying to build. He is requesting as much as $8 – $12 billion for the wall even though he can maybe build out of less costly material or not use as many resources to lower cost.

  15. The problem is that the government is now increasingly responsive to special interests and not public interests. This is why many people are frustrated and disappointed with our political system. Instead of a democracy where all citizens have an equal say in the governing process, some origanizations and individuals have a disaproportionate and unfair influence over what the government does. The result is that the power and greed of the few too often win out over the needs of the many.

  16. I believe our biggest problem right now in the United States is the government shutdown. It is shutdown because the Democrats and Republicans can’t agree on anything. I think the senate and House of Representatives should come up with something that they both agree on.

  17. I believe our biggest problem facing the government right now is indeed the government shutdown. The shutdown has been going on for about 20 days now and it’s laying people off that work for the government, it’s not paying government employees, and it’s not going to end until there is enough money for the wall?!! People are yet to know when they go back to work and it’s going to be hard for people to pay bills because they don’t have a check. This could all be corrected by having both parties, Democratic and Republicans, work on agreements and by Trump compromising and stop acting like a child.

  18. The main issue regarding the government in the United States right now is the shut down. Government employees all over the country are financially suffering from this shutdown and will continue to do so until this issue is resolved. Due to the minuscule amount of TSA agents across the nation that are actually showing up to work, they can’t effectively check every bag in a timely manner, which is then threatening the safety of the passengers. I personally believe that the decision regarding the wall should be made quickly so that these employees can start getting paid again.

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