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The Constitution was ratified in 1789.  Since 1791 it has been changed only 17 times.  Is the Constitution outdated?  Should it be changed?  Should it stay the same?  Is there anything that needs to be added?  What are the most important principles outlined in the Constitution?

If you are not sure of what exactly is in the Constitution, you may read it here.  United States Constitution

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  1. For many years, the founding fathers part in slavery was ignored. Did we ever think that perhaps some of the concepts the founding fathers created, were wrong? Or did they have some mystical creativity of all things should last and not be outdated.. 250 years later. But many things change. Do we think they had any idea gay marriage would be a thing, or people shooting up schools or any populated area to be exact? Yes, the constitution is outdated. Yet, it is very hard to make it easy to change the constitution. It would be a good idea to make an amendment to grant constitutional provisions. As a nation, we’ve changed and grown from powdered wigs and paper white faces . An example, is that we should revise and reword the first amendment. Making it clear and precise of what freedom really means to our people within all the terms and conditions applied. Everyone here is equal right?

  2. The constitutions purpose is to protect the people and govern the United States. The constitution is old but I wouldn’t say out of date if there was something wrong with it, it would have been fixed well before today. In the Constitution there are somethings that concern me like congress being able to take money or borrow money and use it for United States and they can determine were the money goes. Popular Sovereignty is what makes Americans able to control the government, they can not do anything without the peoples consent. Limited Government this provides us to have our freedom without the government interfering, being able to discuss issues like politics or social. Having a three branch government allows everyone to speak for each state, one that services justice, and the Chief of Commander a.k.a the President. With this comes Checks and Balances where any branch has power over the other branch to create an equal balance. Now we have the Judaical Review in this case the mom, always there to make sure there not misbehaving. The Judaical Review is there to make sure the Government is in order following the rules of the Constitution.

    1. i believe the constitution should be changed based on the outdated ratification that is harmfully affecting our society today with new lifestyles, equality, and a whole different economy.

  3. The constitution protects those whom are apart of the American society and from what some people were mistreated even when under the American constitution. How it says that when the government fails to fulfill its duties, they have to right to destroy and rebuild. I believe that the constitution should be rebuilt and “renewed”, and I say that loosely because we don’t need to change something if it is working. Main this that should be reconsidered in this days generation is the limitations we set to our state governments. Also our restrictions on our president, how much they can get away with and how much they can say with them being impeached. Main highlights in the constitution are the freedom for all races and genders can vote, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    1. I agree that it should be rebuilt because it’s been over 200 years since it was created and although it has been changed 17 times, there is just too much wrong with it to sit down and change it, it would take many years to get it just right when you’re basing it off something from 1791. To perfect it you would have to start over

    2. I agree with you, the Constitution is something that we have lived off of for a very long time. Changing it would maybe rub people the wrong way as now you have changed the right people have to live by. Like you say, we don’t need a change if the constitution has worked all these years.

  4. The constitution is fine the way it is. Sure, it’s old, but because of how old it is, it’s logical to assume that any necessary revisions that needed to be made have been made before this point in time. The country seems to have not imploded or fallen apart yet, so I’d say that the constitution is fine the way it is and doesn’t need to be changed.

    1. I disagree with this statement. The constitution should slowly continue changing over time because the people around us are changing. Yes, we haven’t imploded, but it is slowly falling apart. Too little people care about what’s going on outside the media; for example, our parties are completely against each other! We should pay attention to who is put in power and see what their true morals are from the beginning.

    2. The old constitution has many things written that is not nearly like todays society. Things have changed. People have changed. It’s been two centuries since it was written and it is definitely time for a prevision.

  5. I believe that the Constitution in certain cases should be changed. If you compare America today with America in i the 1790s, it’s safe to say that it’s changed quite a bit, which should ignite change in the Constitution as well. There are so many different aspects to America that exist today that were never even heard of when the Constitution was written. I think the Constitution’s general sense of freedom for Americans is one of the most important parts, but I also feel that not everything is included properly. For example, we had hundreds of years with slavery, which shows there’s been major issues with the rights Americans have before, and other parts could be very flawed also. I do think that the Constitution is quite outdated, but it has also helped to run a country for centuries on its major principles, so perhaps just some fine tuning and inclusion of more modern aspects of America could help things run smoother.

    1. I agree that we have had problem with freedom in the past and we need to realize this by looking back at history. I also agree that America has changed immensely since the founding fathers wrote the constitution meaning technology has also changed.

  6. I feel like the constitution isn’t outdated because it can still be relevant. I think it’s good the way it is . Maybe they should add stricter gun control laws and stuff like that since things have changed since 1790. The most important principles would probably be the idea of equal human rights. I feel like that’s what makes America. Being able to be a “ free” country makes us different than the rest .

    1. I agree with your statement of equality being an important principle in the constitution. Many people should also take this into consideration within race as well. As an “equal” country we shouldn’t let race get in between our rights as individuals!

  7. The constitution is outdated, it has not been changed since 1192, meaning it needs to be changed. Last time it was changed for the purpose of regulating salary changes. This means that some of the amendments are outdated like the second amendment. I believe everyone has the right to bear arms, however when this amendment was created the guns available were no where near as powerful as those we have today. To accommodate for how much technology has changed we have to rarity the constitution. We could do this by adding on to it specifying what kind of weapons/ guns one is allowed to own or completely take out the right to bear arms.

  8. I do think the 2nd amendment is out of date. I think people have to freely much access to guns or any weapon. People Over look guns because we are use to seeing them, there’s been school shootings,club shootings etc killing innocent people but there for protection? But I also don’t think they should completely take it out because people do what people want so if someone wants a gun they will find a way to get one. Taking guns away completely also may anger the people who feel as if they’re important. The government should raise the age limit, to 20 and it should be more difficult to reach them. People use guns for the wrong thing, showing Off etc, when they are supposed to be meant for protection. Or some people may feel threatened so they buy a gun but that’s more guns in the world creating more violence for absolutely no reason.

  9. The constitution is what has kept the US running the way it is for many years. Although it was made in the 17hundreds it still applies to many situations now a days. Maybe adding or rewording some admendments would be the best since it hasn’t not had any changes since 91. Some important points in the constitution is like having equal right and our freedom of speech. Everyone should have to the freedom to do what they desire as long as it’s not harm to others. In regards to that the constitution should not fully change it should just be updated to fit what goes on in society now.

  10. The constitution is in some cases outdated. I do not believe that our rights should be limited but I do believe there might need to be more regulation. People are committing crimes and getting away with it because there are holes in the constitution. The Constitution outlines our rights and freedoms which is why it is so important. The changes that have already been made were necessary and right to do. There may need to be some alterations but overall it is very relevant and very important. Our rights are the most important part of the constitution as well as our government having three branches and voting by population. All of the articles is what makes our government run so efficiently.

  11. The Constitution has most definitely evolved over time. America has grown and changed during the last 200 years, and so has the U.S Constitution,, including amendments to our voting laws and age, limiting presidential terms in office. However, you may have heard the U.S Constitution called ” A living document”, though it may seem like a dry piece of paper to you, it really is designed to live and grow as the nation grows. Therefore in my concern the nation may need new amendments in the future. for example, advances in technology may change the way we communicate. Someday, we may be able to vote from our own homes, hooked into central computers through our tv sets. And what if we are able to live in space? we may need new laws to govern space life. There are probably tons of more examples or needs/rights to change or add or take away but yet in time that is a long process and everyone agreeing to it to make it even possible for these things to take away or add to the Constitution .

  12. The constitution has slowly changed over the course of 200 year. It should continue to evolve and be modernized to current date because we live in a whole different era than before. The only thing that should not change from the constitution are the core values that it upholds. The values that the constitution has are what keeps our country solid, therefore it should stay the same with a bit of tweaking to understand better and do better as a country. Most important principles outlined in the constitution are the rights that we are given as a society and our equality.

    1. I agree with you. Over that span of 200 years, the United States has changed quite a bit, so the constitution should be slowly updated to roughly match the state of society. Only small and subtle fixes should be performed as the Constitution is not drastically horrible to where it needs an immediate change. All clauses and articles held the nation up for all this time so why make drastic changes.

  13. The Constitution has slowly but surely changed over time due to the fact that society is changing as well. I believe it’s important to continue changing because as society makes progress and advances, the nature of the Constitution needs to improve. Only bits and pieces of the Constitution has changed but I feel there is a need to change more. For example, the 15th Amendment, which said that no citizen’s vote could be taken away because of race or color. Another example is the 19th Amendment, which was ratified in 1920 to allow women in the U.S. to vote. After 72 years, lawmakers were convinced women could vote just as intelligently as men. The Constitution gives rights to its people and governs the U.S. and that’s why it needs to move forward for the benefit of the people.

  14. I think the Constitution should be changed because it was written over 200 years ago. A lot of laws were created and many amendments aren’t needed at the moment. I think the second amendment should be changed specifically. There has been many incidents of handling gun control in 2018. People should only be allowed to have certain guns so in their house. Other than the second amendment, I think the rest of the Constitution should just be reviewed.

  15. The constitution is outdated to a certain extent. It’s outdated in its explanation towards the bill of rights like freedom of assembly, freedom of religion and the right to conceal a weapon. With freedom there comes limitations. When these freedoms have a negative impact on society they need to be modified. The 2nd amendment states that citizens have a right to conceal a weapon but back in the 19th century automatic weapons and rifles weren’t available like they are now. So in saying that I feel like there needs to be standard enforced that tell you what types of guns you can and cannot conceal. Another amendment that needs to be changed is the 14th amendment. It clearly states that all persons born in the united states are granted citizenship. Everyday kids are being stripped from their schools and homes and deported back with their parents because their parents don’t have US citizenship and that’s not right. However a few rights that are outlined in the bill of rights that are still prevalent as they were back then are the 1st, 5th, 6th and 14th. Something that needs to be added is when you get pulled over or questioned by the cop and you are under the age of 18 a parent should have to be present or notified before any actions are taken towards the child.

  16. The Constitution is old but I would not say it is outdated. The Constitution is still relevant to today. The only things that would need to be added or changed, are some of the clauses that are matched by today’s standards. The most important principles I think that are in the Constitution are article I and article III which talk about The Legislature and Judicial branch.

  17. I think the constitution should be changed but not a lot. the reason for my say is because the constitution was created awhile ago before many things were invented & more. a lot of things have changed since it was created and not many things have been changed on the constitution. the constitution gives people freedom & rights and also gives us rules to keep proctected & equal. with many new things some people could not be dealt equal due to the constitution not being built for these new things.

  18. I think that the Constitution is mostly okay as it is, however, with the rise of new technology I think that certain amendments need to be put in place to protect our rights online. I think that the most important principle is the first amendment which protects our freedom of speech. Also, I think that the most important part of the Constitution is that the government is built for the people.

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