To gain a better of understanding of any subject, one needs to discuss and listen to ideas.  In US/AZ Government we will be discussing a variety of topics.  Some of the topics you may know a great deal about, others your knowledge may be limited.  One thing that is expected of all students is their involvement in discussions.  All students will offer insight and ask questions.Discussion Posts are graded using the following rubric.  

5 Points
One post was submitted relevant to discussion topics.

10 Points
Response and one reply made to the discussion OR two replies were submitted on two different days relevant to discussion topics.

15 Points
Response made to the discussion question and two replies were submitted on two different days relevant to discussion topics.

One thought on “Rubric

  1. I believe American’s expectations about presidency have exceeded because people want the best president. It is good for a president to promise something, but I feel they should be mindful of their promises so they can fulfill it or somewhat fulfill it. The website shows that Donald Trump has 600+ promises and around 400 of those or mostly lies to “pants on fire” lies. Comparing Barack Obama’s promises to Donald Trump’s promises, Barack Obama has made around 500+ promises and 400+ of those promises were true to half-true. I believe Barack Obama did set the expectations for future presidents higher as his promises fulfilled to lies ratio is more positive than Donald Trump’s ratio, and this is also considering that Obama’s ratio is positive after office while Trump’s ratio is negative and he still has months of presidency to go.

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