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Read Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution.  Does Congress have too much power?  Is the “necessary and proper” clause outdated?  Are there enough checks and balances today?  Are there any powers of Congress that you would limit?  If yes, which ones?

Article 1 Section 8

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  1. “To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof” (1.8). The constitution permits the allowance of execution considering conditions. For the government to have control of everyone’s life and if they will live exceeds the power of a constitutional government.

  2. I believe that the constitution is made to benefit the genera population and be for the good of people, but there are still errors and unfair practices being made in the United States Government today. Giving the power for congress to lay and collect taxes upon the people I believe is an unfair practice because the amount they can levy upon us. Also, the enumerated powers given can be used against us in the state of defiance against the courts and overrule the people.

    1. I also think the checks and balances in today’s government are pretty well ran. The three branches spread that balance of power very well in my opinion. I think it should stay like this to maintain and when laws come through it can be equally dispersed and managed.

    2. I completely agree. Errors are made anywhere a substantial amount of power is given. Our government, to each branch, have equal power, but to the general population which is 10x if not more than the size of our government, is unfair and not equally distributed among people of the United States.

    3. I completely agree that the congress holds a little too much power in the sense that they can impose and collect taxes on us.

  3. I believe that congress has way too much power. This is because it is made by House of Representatives and senate,which makes it many people. They have the power to not only to collect taxes and many others. Congress can overrule the president when it comes to making laws. They can make or decline laws or even choose how much taxes are taken or budgeting. They should reduce some power or use it in better case senarios. Also giving more power to the states than what is given now.

    1. I agree with the comment of using their power for the better. Right now a lot of people are complaining about what is going on around us with the president and how he and democrats could not come up with an agreement in order to get rid of the government shutdown. They should use the power of negotiating and come up with solutions soon so that people could work again and get paid.

    2. I also agree that congress has a lot of power. However, if they administer it in a good way then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

      1. I agree to much power is being given to congress. From them not making the right decision to use it with. Is showing in economy, what they need to to do is use it very wisely

    3. I completely agree that they need to use their power better in certain cases. I think they get wrapped up in how much power they have and get away with it because of their position.

      1. I think that the powers given to congress and the central government has made them receive way too much attention and ability to override and overrule any bill, or law passed.

    4. I agree the congress does have to much power including implied powers from the unessasary proper clause of constitution and permit congress. The House of Representatives has to many people not making it fair from them collecting taxes, the congress most definetly can overrule the president from how much power it should be even into the control of whom.

  4. Check and balances today are in pretty good states. It limits the power of each branch( legislative, executive, judicial).They should also stay that way because it affects all three branches and their power. As of right now each branch is pretty equal, but if something were to change with checks and balances it can make one branch more powerful than another.

    1. I agree with you about the checks and balances they are equal now and have a good connection. But if something were to happen it would limit one branch over the other and will cause problems throughout their system and it would probably turn into a whole mess. Let’s hope it stays that way.

      1. I understand what you’re saying and it makes sense that if one branch was to be limited then that would cause problems for the government and the citizens.

    2. I definitely agree that the checks and balances that are active in today’s government are good at keeping all three branches of government equal and not too powerful and that if it were to go away the one of the branches would try to take over complete power.

  5. I believe that the Congress has just the right amount of power. However, it depends on how they use this power for greater good or for items that would not be a benefit towards the people. Therefore, Congress has its most important power which is the authority to make laws. But they only can pass a law is if the House of Representatives and the Senate have approved in the same form. They do also share other powers which are listed in Article 1 Section 8. These include the power to declare war, coin money, raise an army and navy, regulate commerce, establish rules of immigration and naturalization, and establish the federal courts and their jurisdictions. With checks and balances, each of the three branches of government can limit the powers of the others. This way, no one branch becomes too powerful. Each branch “checks” the power of the other branches to make sure that the power is balanced between them. As of today they seem pretty balanced and controlled by each branch of government.

    1. I agree with the amount of power the Congress has. It can either effect in a good or bad way depending on how it’s used. I also agree that without the checks and balances another branch can become too powerful which can be a bad thing.

  6. I believe that congress has an over abundance of power. While it does serve to better society and keep everything in order, all of this power could be easily misused at the loss of the people. As long as the congress utilizes it’s power fairly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. The checks and balances are necessary to keep the different branches in line, and today the power seems to be divided fairly equally. However, reading the article does make you skeptical of how the government basically has control over every individual American and could change everyone’s life fairly easily and quickly. The power congress has covers pretty much everything, from our money and taxes to our punishments and executions, which can be pretty scary to think about.

    1. I agree that’s the government has a good about of power and they should use it for good. Knowing that congress has everything covered when ur comes to money can be frightening but also if it wasn’t under someone’s control it can also be a frightening thought.

    2. I agree that the checks and balances are a nessasarry part of Article 1 section 8 so that no one branch has too much power and it achieves that goal.

  7. Check and balances It limits the power of each branch like the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. It should stay like this because it controls each part. All branches are already pretty much equal as of right now.

    1. Checks and balances are useful in keeping the branches all equal which is beneficial to citizens. Limiting power allows different regulations to change and benefit the government and its people.

  8. I believe that congress has a reasonable amount power. The necessary and proper clause allows congress to make the laws that help ensure that people pay taxes, post offices are established and they provide and maintain a navy. Checks and balances are put into place to help maintain the powers between the judiciary, legislative and executive branch. There is currently no balance in the legislative branch with the house of representatives being controlled by the democrats and the senate is being controlled by the republicans. With this happening progress is at a stand still. The powers of congress that I would limit is their right to make laws about citizenship. The fact that they make the american citizenship test so hard that most natural born citizens can’t even pass it, doesn’t make any sense. Immigrants have to know more about the U.S. then the people that live here and that’s not right.

    1. I agree that the power that congress has is needed to regulate and maintain important factors of everyday life. However, I believe that they have too much power because while they can keep important things running, they could also very easily shut things down at the loss of the people (i.e. the recent government shut down)

      1. I disagree with you on this mainly because the example you gave with the government shut down took so long because House would not give in and although the government shutdown was bad, I feel that the fact that the president didn’t just get his way shows they don’t have has much power as you would think.

    2. I 100% agree with this answer. And I also agree that with the president that we have in office that if things don’t go as planned things tend to get 10 times harder.

    3. i 100% agree with you the immigration process is ridiculous. I love your post about the immigration process for the foreigners which is not highlighted often.

  9. Congress does not have too much power, I believe they have the right amount of power. The “Necessary and Proper” clause is not outdated, but other people would disagree and say that it should be visualized again. I do not believe that there is enough checks and balances today. During this presidential term, I have noticed that if things don’t go according to plans specifically made by one person, or branch, others have to try to negotiate and find a way to all agree upon an event. Checks and balances throughout the branches should be revised because it does not seem like the 3 branches have equal power. I would limit the power hey have to take taxes. It id understandable why they do it, but i think they should give back everything that was taken away from the employee. I know a few people that are not getting what they got taken away for taxes and even owe money to the state because they worked too much?! Government rights should be looked over more often than they are.

    1. I agree 100% with this post and love how you explained how you believe all power is split evenly between branches.

    2. I agree with Suzzete about the taxes. I don’t believe it’s fair either and we as the people need to help fix that problem.

    3. I totally agree. Like half my paycheck goes to taxes and for what reason??? They don’t need that much money from me, taxes should definitely be limited.

    4. I agree that the cheacks and balances need to be revised because things aren’t balances. The president shut down the government because he wants funding for the wall. The democratic controlled house of representatives is clear that they will not provide any money. The republican controlled senate is willing to do anything with presidential consent. With this system in place we are going to get no where and we are putting the lives of american at risk because they are not getting paid or getting their stamps.

  10. Overall the constitution is there to benefit every citizen. I believe Article 1 Section 8 is a good thing, it gives Congress the right to tax us which is something required to maintain our way of living. With out taxes cities would fall apart, streets would never get fixed and schools would not get money. Although I believe we need taxes there could be regulations on how they use our taxes. For example sometimes they do not use enough of our tax money on schools. Article 1 Section 8 is also a good thing because it limits the power each branch has, with out this there would be a lot more conflict in our country.

    1. I believe that those are good points, all including checks and balances. Checks and balances are a general way that the government feeds off of for the distribution of overal power. Each branch of government obtains a substantial amount of power, but neither have enough to over ride nor over rule the other.

    2. I agree with the statement of the government needing to handle the way they use our taxes. They should be using them for bettering the world we live in. There are a lot of highways right now that aren’t finished and should be, considering they’ve been working on them for a while. The money they take from us for taxes should be used for better.

    3. I agree. Yes we need to be taxed but Congress need to choose to spend the money that they do get from taxes on more important things like education and pot holes in the street. Things like this are more important and should be the number one thing that they spend taxes on.

  11. I believe that congress has the necessary amount of power that they need if used in the correct way. Congress handles everything that has to do with the people of its country such as counterfeit money, declare war, keeping other nations align with everyone else. I also do believe that the clause is not outdated some may not agree with me, but in my opinion I believe that everything is proper and working in progress.

  12. I believe that the US constitution and congress were both created for the good of the people. I think that in today’s world there are enough checks and balances in order to ensure that they do not become too powerful. One thing that I would change about congress is that I would take either the ability to impose or the ability to collect taxes and give it to another branch so that one branch doesn’t hold all the power of taxes.

  13. so I feel like congress got to too much power because they can potentially overrule the president.The necessary and proper clause isn’t outdated I feel like it should just be changed a little. I thinks there’s enough check and balances.The only thing I’d limit is their power of taxes .

  14. Congress has too much power considering they have the power to tax and Congress controls the money flow. Also, Congress is able to put taxes on imported goods. The “necessary and proper” clause isn’t outdated because it allows people to stay in line and pay taxes. There are enough checks and balances today. The amount of taxes that Congress has the power to determine i would limit.

  15. Im on the border about if the government has to much power. Considering the 3 different branches have power over multiple important issues. Yes I do feel as if some clauses are out of date but people should vote for changes we want/need not the Congress have complete control and they get to choose what goes and what stays. With our current person in office the checks and balances are all off because he wants to much power. But it’s the other branches job to outweigh him and they can all be on equal grounds. Yes we need our Congress to listen to the people more. But people also need to go out and vote more because if not this economy is in trouble.

    1. I agree with what you said on people should vote for changes on things we want and need. I believe things change overtime and the clauses need to reflect the improvements we have accomplished.

  16. I believe congress has just the right amount of power. It’s important for congress to have this much power so that they can guide the president or keep him in check if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Most people in congress have a general idea on how the government works, so it’s safe to say they know exactly what to do when something goes wrong. Also, the three branches of the government limit one another from becoming too powerful. So there’s really no way congress could become too powerful.

    1. I agree they have equal power and one doesn’t have too much than the other. And about congress keeping the president in line if they didn’t have that power then the president could be capable of anything and that doesn’t sound like that would be fair to everyone.

  17. I think that Congress has just the right amount of power today. Checks and balances keeps the three branches of the government from having too much power. The three branches are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. If they had too much control over everyone, this country would be a lot different. Back when it was first formed, the states had more power than the national government. This made things difficult because they had different laws and currency in each state. This made the national government take some power away from the states and back to them. Today, I think the way power is distributed is keeping everything organized.

  18. I do not believe congress has to much power right now, but if they were to try to do anything that’s not within the constitution. Article 1 Section 8 clarifies that congress has a lot of duties that they have to form the navy and have the right to deny a law. But i do believe they should have a fair tax deduction percentage and keep it that way. The people with more money should pay more taxes than the people with lower income paychecks. Checks and Balances is working perfectly fine it’s keeping all the other branches to establish unity.

  19. i believe congress has too much power, my reason is because congress can decide/make any laws they want & also override the president. i believe congress shouldn’t have that much power to be superior to us and make decisions for the country

  20. i believe the necessary and proper clause is outdated. i think this because congress should not have the power to make decisions for us, i also think laws should be voted by not just congress but the people.

  21. I believe that Congress has a lot of power but not too much power. The reason why I say this is because the powers are specific and each branch has other specific powers. This way no one has too much power. Because it is specific it is also limited. There are most likely restrictions to all the duties listed to ensure that congress does not get to make all the important decisions. The necessary and proper clause may be a bit outdated. Only because what we see now as necessary and proper isn’t the same as what it was when it was made. I do believe there are enough checks and balances today because the powers are well divided. If I could limit one of the duties it would be “To make rules for the government” and that is because Congress gets the power to decide how our government is ran and that is a lot of responsibility. I feel it can be abused farther in the future so I think that should be restricted.

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