Bill of Rights Activity

In chapter 3 of the textbook, the Bill of Rights are listed. We want to take closer look on them today. We will go over them again later in the semester. Here is your tasks for today. First read the Bill of Rights. Second, watch the video on the Bill of Rights and lastly answer the prompt that is below the video.

  1. Read the Bill of Rights
    Bill of Rights

2. Watch this video on the Bill of Rights

3. Answer this prompt and send or share to Mr. Waddell.

You have now read and have an understanding of the first ten amendments.   Rank the ten amendments and give an explanation on why you ranked them where you did.  Is there an amendment that is more important than the others?  Why is one more important than the others? Should any of the ten be changed or dropped?  Why?  Be very specific. Be sure to answer all parts of the question, and answer in complete sentences.