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Supreme Court Project

This project will be a bit different than the others.  Below you will find ten court cases that some consider the top 10 cases of all time that have gone before the Supreme Court.  Instead of doing a full brief on all ten, write a short paragraph for each that sums up the case.  Be sure to include if the case overturns any other case and whether you believe it is Judicial Activism or Judicial Restraint.

You will see these court cases on a quiz, test and final exam.

Top Ten Court Cases

New Jersey vs. TLO
Roe vs. Wade
Lemon vs. Kurtzman
Plessey vs. Ferguson
Tinker vs. Des Moines School District
Gideon vs. Wainwright
Miranda vs. Arizona
Marbury vs. Madison
Brown vs. Board of Education

Court Brief-4th Amendment

You are look for US Supreme Court cases that deal with 4th Amendment and complete a case brief.  I have attached a sheet that explains how to complete the brief.  One note, a brief is to be just that, brief.  Your brief should be one page, no more.  This website will help you find cases, 4th Amendment Cases.  (click on a decade for cases)

How to brief a Supreme Court Case

This assignment is due on Friday, October 28th.  Your brief may be hand written or  emailed to

President Impeachment Activity

With all the talk about possible impeachment and President Trump, here are links that contains information on the Impeachment Project.  A link for the project is also below.  Be sure to answer the questions that are on the Impeachment link.  This is due at the end of the period in which it was assigned.


  1. What was the issue at the heart of the impeachment charges against President Clinton?
  2. Is lying about an illicit extra-marital relationship a “high Crime or Misdemeanor”? Is lying under oath a “high Crime or Misdemeanor”?
  3. Was Clinton guilty of “high Crimes or Misdemeanors”?
  4. Was Clinton impeached mostly for constitutional reasons or mostly for political reasons?


Impeachment Project-ppt

Impeachment Project-link

President Reading Assignment

Answer the following questions and send your respones to

Federalist #70

1. Why does Hamilton say that “all men of sense will agree in the necessity of an energetic executive,” and that “the ingredients which constitute energy in the executive are unity; duration; an adequate provision for its support; and competent powers”?

2. Federalist #70 suggests what type of government in a Hamiltonian view?

Presidential Powers

1. What is Dean’s view of Federalist #70?

2. Explain a Constitutional Dictatorship.

Congress Project

The instructions for the project are below.  You will need to find a committee that interests you such as education, veteran’s affairs or the budget.  You will use this committee to answer several  questions.  Your final product will be in paper form.    Email your final product to  The Congress project is due on September 21 by the end of class.

Congress Project

Congress Rubric

List of Congress Committees

Federalism Reading Assignment

Read the following Federalist Paper and Court Case and answer the questions.  Both readings deal with Federalism.

Anti Federalist 17

What is the Anti-Federalist view on the Necessary and Proper Clause?  How does the Anti-Federalist feel about the enumerated powers granted to Congress?

McCulloch v Maryland

What were the principal arguments used by Chief Justice Marshall to justify the extension of congressional power to include the power to incorporate a bank, even though the words “bank” and “incorporation” are nowhere to be found in the text of the Constitution?

Please email the answers to