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Current Event #6

Your assignment is to complete one current event. You will select from either the House of Representatives or the Senate.  Both are very mush in the news with the election right around the corner. This assignment will be due on September 5 at the end of class.  No late assignments will be accepted.  Also, anyone not using the correct format will lose points.  I have posted a link the Current Event form, use the form.

Current Event Form

Mass Media Reading

Please answer the following questions for the reading below. Use complete sentences and specific examples when needed. This is due on Oct 1, at the start of class.

Maureen Dowd

Does Mrs. Dowd paint an accurate picture of the president?  
Are her views bias?  If so, does she lean to the left or to the right of the political spectrum?

Interest Group Project

This is a quick project to help you understand Interest Groups.  You are to select four interest groups and answer the following questions: date of origin, purpose of group, number of members, member requirements, benefits offered to members.  Also briefly discuss a recent press release from the group or find a recent article from a news source related to the group.  Upon completion, email your findings to

To assist in your knowledge of Interest Groups, here is a quick reading that will help.

Interest Group Reading Part 2

Interest Group Reading

Please read the following article and answer the questions. Please submit your answers to

Interest Groups and the American Political System

1. What is the relationship between a system of government and the behavior of groups?
2. Mark Rozell and Clyde Wilcox note several factors which contribute to the important role played by interest groups in American politics. What are those factors and what is their role?
3. Discuss the single-member district system according to Rozell and Wilcox.

Polling Project

Before you get started with the project here are a few key terms that you need to know.

Benchmark Survey-A campaign poll that measures a candidate’s strength at the time of entrance into the race.

Trial Heat Survey-A campaign poll that measures the popularity of competing candidates in a particular race.

Tracking Polls-Campaign polls that measure candidates’ relative strength on a daily basis.

Push Poll-Campaign tactic that attacks an opponent while pretending to be a poll.

Exit Poll-Interviews of voters as they leave the polling place.

The Project

The first part of the project is for you to find an example of each of the polls and surveys listed above.  You may only use a source one time.  Example, you may not use the gallup website for more than one.  Some places to look are: GallupNew York TimesCBS NewsPBS NewshourUSA Todayare just a few.  There are many newspapers and other news sources that run polls.  The exit poll may be from a previous presidential election.

The second part is for you to create a series of polling questions related to a school topic.  Such topics may be longer lunch, later start time, etc.  You will create a question for each type of poll and survey listed above.

When you have completed the project email your finished project to