Current Event #5

Your assignment is to complete TWO current events.  One will be on the Democratic Party and the other will be on the Republican Party.  This is not about Joe Biden and President Trump, this is about the parties.  This assignment will be due on September 3 at the start of class.  No late assignments will be accepted.  Also, anyone not using the correct format will lose points.  I have posted a link the Current Event form, use the form!

Current Event Form

Acceptance Speech Activity

This assignment is extra credit and will be due the next class period in which it was assigned.

Please read the acceptance speeches from Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Answer the following questions in complete sentences using specific examples from the speeches.

How would describe the tone of the speeches? Did the speeches mention the other candidate? Did they attack the other candidate or were they cordial? What is theme of each speech? In other words, what do the candidates want to do for the next four years? Please give examples of at least three details that the candidates want to do in the next four years? How do they differ from each other, the details?

This assignment may be either emailed or shared to

Joe Biden Speech
Donald Trump Speech

The speeches were listed in alphabetical order, there was no motive behind it.

Federalism Court Cases

Here are several cases that the Supreme Court decided that deal with Federalism.  For each case, click on the link and read through the case, and then answer the questions.  This assignment is due at the start of the next class period.

Marbury v. Madison – 1803
Was Marbury entitled to his appointment to the federal bench? Was his lawsuit the correct way to get it? And, was the Supreme Court the place for Marbury to get the relief he requested?

McCulloch v. Maryland – 1819
The case presented two questions: Did Congress have the authority to establish the Bank of the United States? Did the Maryland law unconstitutionally interfere with congressional powers?

Gibbons v. Ogden – 1824
Did the State of New York exercise authority in a realm reserved exclusively to Congress, namely, the regulation of interstate commerce?

United States v. Nixon  1974
Is the President’s right to safeguard certain information, using his “executive privilege” confidentiality power, entirely immune from judicial review?

Current Event #4

This current event deals with Federalism.  You need to find an article that deals with an interaction between the federal government and the state government.  This can be a natural diaster, or another event.  You may use an older article for this one.  This current event will be due at the start of the next class period.

Current Event Form

Late Work UPDATE

This update takes effect IMMEDIATELY.  We want to take a moment and update you on the US/AZ Government policy on late work.  All work is due on the date that was assigned by the teacher.  Any work that is turned in after the due date will lose 25%.  That means the most you would get on a 100 point assignment would be 75 points.  

You are able to in your work at any point for grading up to the next Unit Exam.  Once the Unit Exam has been given, no work from that unit will be accepted unless prior arrangements were made with the instructor.

To recap, work is due on the assigned due date.  Late work will be worth 75% of the possible points.  Late work can be submitted at any point prior to the Unit Exam.  There will be no late work accepted after the Unit Exam.

On last note, late work will be graded, there is no guarantee when it will be graded, but it will be graded.  Do not expect immediate grading with late work.

If you have any further questions, please contact your US/AZ Government teacher.

Bill of Rights Activity

In chapter 3 of the textbook, the Bill of Rights are listed. We want to take closer look on them today. We will go over them again later in the semester. Here is your tasks for today. First read the Bill of Rights. Second, watch the video on the Bill of Rights and lastly answer the prompt that is below the video.

  1. Read the Bill of Rights
    Bill of Rights

2. Watch this video on the Bill of Rights

3. Answer this prompt and send or share to Mr. Waddell.

You have now read and have an understanding of the first ten amendments.   Rank the ten amendments and give an explanation on why you ranked them where you did.  Is there an amendment that is more important than the others?  Why is one more important than the others? Should any of the ten be changed or dropped?  Why?  Be very specific. Be sure to answer all parts of the question, and answer in complete sentences.