Late Work UPDATE

This update takes effect IMMEDIATELY.  We want to take a moment and update you on the US/AZ Government policy on late work.  All work is due on the date that was assigned by the teacher.  Any work that is turned in after the due date will lose 25%.  That means the most you would get on a 100 point assignment would be 75 points.  

You are able to in your work at any point for grading up to the next Unit Exam.  Once the Unit Exam has been given, no work from that unit will be accepted unless prior arrangements were made with the instructor.

To recap, work is due on the assigned due date.  Late work will be worth 75% of the possible points.  Late work can be submitted at any point prior to the Unit Exam.  There will be no late work accepted after the Unit Exam.

On last note, late work will be graded, there is no guarantee when it will be graded, but it will be graded.  Do not expect immediate grading with late work.

If you have any further questions, please contact your US/AZ Government teacher.

Bill of Rights Activity

In chapter 3 of the textbook, the Bill of Rights are listed. We want to take closer look on them today. We will go over them again later in the semester. Here is your tasks for today. First read the Bill of Rights. Second, watch the video on the Bill of Rights and lastly answer the prompt that is below the video.

  1. Read the Bill of Rights
    Bill of Rights

2. Watch this video on the Bill of Rights

3. Answer this prompt and send or share to Mr. Waddell.

You have now read and have an understanding of the first ten amendments.   Rank the ten amendments and give an explanation on why you ranked them where you did.  Is there an amendment that is more important than the others?  Why is one more important than the others? Should any of the ten be changed or dropped?  Why?  Be very specific. Be sure to answer all parts of the question, and answer in complete sentences.

Current Event #3

The current event for today will cover Separation of Powers and or Checks and Balances.  You will find a current event that deals with either Separation of Powers or Checks and Balances with the federal government.  Find your article and complete the form.  You may email the form or use a google doc and share with me.   This assignment is due at the start of the next class period.

Current Event Form

Current Event #2

For the current event will we be looking at the nomination of Sen. Kamala Harris for Vice President.  You will find TWO sources for this CE.  One will be from a liberal news source and the second one will be from a conservative news source.  As you read the articles, see how they portray Sen. Harris.  What do they say about her leadership, her ability to garner votes, will she help or hurt Joe Biden?

Here is a link to a list of news outlets and where they fall on the political spectrum.  News Outlets

This assignment is due at the end of the period in which it was assigned.

Declaration of Independence

Read the Declaration of Independence and answer the three questions below.

Declaration of Independence

1. What original or novel thoughts were presented by Jefferson in the Declaration?
2. Compare the theory of government defended in the Declaration with the doctrine of  Locke.
3. What is the proper function of government, according to the Declaration, and why had George III violated his right to rule over the American colonies?

Email your responses to