AP World Post #1

What is the greatest invention in history?  Be sure to be specific and provide examples, like sliced bread.

This post will close on August 5 at 5:00 pm.

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  1. The best invention in history would have to be the spear because it helped in many ways. When humans first made this they found and easier way to kill prey. The spear would also lead to more “sharp” weapons being invented. Without the spear it would be much harder to catch food.

  2. The greatest invention in history is the ability to control fire. All the inventions started from melting and forging different minerals and materials. Fire gave us the chance to melt and forge these things. In addition, it allowed us to have warmth, protection, and to cook food.

  3. The greatest invention in history is the cell phone, because it allows you to communicate with others while not being right next to them.

    • The greatest invention in history is the airplane, because it makes it possible for you to travel around the world.

  4. The greatest invention is the ability to control fire because it helped people in many ways. Fire is used to warm you up, cook your food, and is also used to help you find your way when lost in darkness.

  5. The greatest invention ever made was writing. This led to almost every other great invention, and we wouldn’t have many essential things without it.

  6. The greatest invention ever made was the car because it lets people get to farther distances in less time.

  7. The ability to control fire is the greatest invention. Fire allowed people to see in the dark, protect themselves, cook food, and allowed us to use it for warmth.

  8. I think the greatest invention in history was motor vehicles. This invention provided a new and more efficient way of transportation. This also opened many new job opportunities to civilians in America.

  9. The best invention was the wheel. It made things a lot easier to move. There were also many ideas inspired by the wheel like carriages and eventually cars.

  10. In my personal opinion, the ability to use fire is the greatest invention in history for a number of reasons. Without fire, mankind would have had a much more difficult time surviving the cold winters. Fire is also used to cook food which is very beneficial. It also gives off light and was used for a very long time as the main source of light such as candles, torches, and lamps. Fire played a crucial role in benefiting human survival throughout history.

  11. The greatest invention ever made was the camera. The camera gave people the ability to see parts of the world they were unable to get to. It also showed people a realistic image of what war was truly like.

  12. the best invention in world history is the cell phone, it allowed us to communicate with other people better and stay in touch with friends and family.

  13. The best invention in history is the light bulb. Before light bulbs, people mainly used candles to light a room. That was not only dangerous, but it didn’t last as long as light bulbs do. Light bulbs are also much more efficient and make it easy to fully light a room without risk of a fire.

  14. The greatest invention to be made, in my opinion, is writing. It was made possible to secure history, document the progress of humanity, and the cultures of different dynasties. Without history being archived it may definitely be lost to time This invention was so we could preserve and document everything we have reached in our civilization and pass to the future generations.

  15. The best invention in the world is the wheel, because it made transportation alot more efficient, and paved the way for lots of other inventions.

  16. The greatest invention in history is the light bulb created an efficient way to produce light.

  17. The greatest invention in history would be the compass. It might not help you in many ways. But if you wanna get to point A to point B you might need to know where your going

  18. The greatest invention in history is language and literature because it is one of the many reasons that our ancestors outlived all the other species of human primates.

  19. The greatest invention in history in my opinion is the modern cellphone, I think this is the greatest invention in history because the common cellphone will allow you to communicate with people across the country, of even across the globe. Which is extremely useful in many scenarios.

  20. In my opinion, the best invention in history is the smart phone . Nowadays basic smart phones contain a calculator, a watch, a compass, telecommunication, etc. Now you can communicate to anybody at any given time and almost everywhere for either emergencies and/or other situations. In addition, almost everybody owns a smart phone.

  21. The greatest invention is the wheel because it allowed civilization to expand and build many important tools that helped modernize the world.

  22. The greatest invention was writing because without writing we would know nothing of the past as spoken words are forgotten but written words are forever. Writing is also the base for countless other inventions such at the internet (coding), music(sheet music and lyrics) ect.

  23. There are many remarkable inventions that changed the world forever and made it what it is today. But above all, recycled paper outshines them all. I believe it is the future. Recycled paper will and has saved many trees. I can see the majority of people using it in the future. Even though technology such as computers and phones are and have been on a very high rise of replacing paper, recycled paper could take the huge waste of used paper and put it to good use.

  24. The greatest invention would have to be the light bulb because back then they would use light from the sun and fire which was not always reliable. Today light bulbs are everywhere our cars, room , schools ,buses even flashlights on our cellphones they are easy to access and not as dangerous as fires.

  25. The greatest invention was the internet. We take for granted how much of a part it plays in our daily lives. It’s involved with pretty all technology today.

  26. I think the best invention in history is language/writing. These made it possible to record history,human evolution, etc. Without being able to have access to language/writing we wouldn’t have the society and civilization we have today.

  27. One of the greatest inventions in history is electric cars. With gas ran cars they have been emitting pollution into our atmosphere. Although it is ruining many things in our environment we can’t afford to stop using vehicles . With the electric cars we are still able to use cars to get around and not hurt the environment. Not to mention with electric cars you are still able to go the sports mode, or speed you desire. Although with the high prices today owning one would be a challenge on its own but the image for the future would be cleaner.

  28. The greatest invention of all time is the computer. Never in my life before technology would I ever have thought of inventing the computer. The complexity of the computer is beyond anything I could come up with. Not to mention where we would be without computers.

  29. the greatest invention in my opinion would have to be a smartphone. a phone gives you the option to call someone, take a picture or post something at the touch of your finger tips.

  30. I think the greatest invention in history is the ability to harness electricity. It made many things much easier to do and highly increased the human quality of life.

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