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What was the impact of Zheng He in post-classical China?  Be sure to include specific examples when discussing his impact.  The impact can be either positive or negative.

Here is an article from Khan Academy that will help, Zheng He

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  1. During Zheng He’s travels he aimed to impress upon other’s the idea that China had a powerful navy and was strong. This created more markets and opportunity’s for the Chinese. Although while doing so, he sparked controversy among other cultures; due to the fact that they did not like the idea of Confucianism. After Zheng He’s voyages, the ruler’s of China stopped attempting to flaunt their military overseas and focused on their northern power and safety. Thus creating the Great Wall.

    • I agree that he sparked controversy. However, I thought that China supported the idea of Confucianism which is why they were against connecting with other cultures, as some would worry that it would interfere with their lifestyle and social order as it is.

    • I agree, Zheng He’s voyages for certain sparked controversy, because China really liked Confucianism. I would also mention that fact that the voyages brought back foreign treasures and a new understanding of the world.

  2. Zheng He led several voyages. These voyages were not attempts to conquer or colonize. During these voyages he obtained recognition and gifts from other rulers. He also brought with him unfamiliar items to the Chinese. Among these items were giraffes and zebras. Overall Zheng He created new trade for China and brought with him foreign treasures. Thus, he had a good impact on China.

    • I agree. By using his power to gain gifts and goods from other countries rather than trying to conquer, he allowed China’s culture to be influenced and expand.

    • I agree on the idea that his impact was mostly positive, although he did have some negative influence as well. His means of gaining respect were somewhat corrupt, but I think in this case the good outweighs the bad.

  3. Zheng He’s impact on post-classical China includes demonstrating Chinese power through shipbuilding and navigation technology. He commanded some of what were the largest ships in the world on seven expeditions, destroying anyone who didn’t grant them respect. He also brought many goods back to China including exotic animals.

    • I like how you mentioned his impact on shipbuilding and navigation technology. You also mention that he brought back many new goods to China. However, you say that he destroyed those who did not give him respect. Would you say that he had a positive or negative impact on China, based on those previous facts?

  4. Zheng He’s impact was significant to the growth of China. He often went on voyages and tried to build a high reputation for the Chinese. On the several expeditions he went on, he made many new discoveries including several exotic animals. On his many voyages, his main goal was to receive gifts and recognitions in addition to building on to culture and religion for China.

    • I agree that Zheng He’s impact was significant to the growth of China. Not only did he raise the high reputation of a powerful military force, but he also allowed China to be more aware of the outside world and established all the possible trades that they could do with them.

  5. The impact that Zheng He had on post-classical China was both negative and positive. For the positive impact, he expanded their outside knowledge on the world with his voyages and showed off their forces while gaining tribute from those he encountered. On the negative side, he stirred controversy within China with the other places’ different cultures, lifestyles, and how the outside world would affect them.

    • I like that you included both the negative and positive impacts that Zheng He had on China. He seemed like a strong leader but definitely could have over-used his power at times.

    • I agree, there was both a positive and negative affect to the Zheng He’s voyages had. Even though he expanded China’s knowledge, the controversy that stirred because of him was also defiantly a big deal.

    • I like your take on this. I agree, Zheng He definitely had positives and negatives to his voyages which made his trips quite impactful.

  6. Zeng He voyaged away from china to other nations and established good relations with many other states. These good relations aloud new trade opportunities for china. He also demonstrated china’s ship building excellence and navigation by going on these voyages. Overall, Zeng He was influential in China’s growth during his era.

  7. Zheng He’s voyages had a good impact on post-classical China because it increased China’s trade with other parts of the world and the Chinese gained more knowledge on other cultures. Zheng He brought back exotic treasures from his voyages which influenced Chinese culture. His voyages also affected places outside of China. Many people were inspired to immigrate to other cities and ports in Southeast Asia and other regions.

    • I agree that his voyages had a good impact on post-classical China, rather than a negative impact. It is interesting how you said his voyages affected more places than just China. I agree with that because due to his travels others were given the idea to move, as you said.

    • I like how you brought up his impact in places outside of China as well, you were very effective in your case. I agree with your ideas as well, his cultural influence was significant.

    • I agree with you, I didn’t think about Zheng’s impact on other countries than china. A lot of people probably moved to china because of his voyages.

  8. Zheng He had a great impact on China. He was able to create relations with other states which helped. After his voyages he would bring back items that helped influence China’s culture.

    • I agree, his journeys to to other regions helped open up more trade possibilities. Without him China may have had less resources in their grasp. Thus making his impact on China positive.

    • I agree, Zheng created relations for China and influenced their culture in a big way. Without Zheng He, China wouldn’t be the same as it is today.

  9. Zheng He’s voyages had an impact on post-classical China, that to some people was positive and to others negative. His voyages showed off China’s power of shipbuilding, with his seven massive ships, and new navigation technology at the time. This created high reputations for the Chinese in many other states. When he returned, he brought back foreign treasures to the Chinese, and expanded their knowledge of the world and other cultures outside of China. The negative effect of all this was the controversy that was created in China because of Zheng He’s voyages. Many people were scared that the outside cultures, that were introduced, would take over Confucian teachings and other Chinese traditions, so the emperor stopped the voyages.

    • It’s interesting how you mention both the negative and positive affects of his voyages. Because there are always two sides of the story when it come to subjects like this. I also think that it was good that you included the size of his fleet and how it impacted the places he visited.

    • I agree, you brought up various, strong points. I believe you are right in the sense that his voyages had both positive and negative impacts. While his voyages created a positive reputation for China in other states, the people of China were scared of these new outside cultures that he introduced.

  10. Zheng He had a positive impact on post-classical China. He used his power to his advantage to gain treasures and goods for his country which helped influence China’s culture and he also provided ship-building and navigation for his country.

    • I agree. Although there were flaws in the ways he went about gaining power, the impact he made for China was positive.

    • I agree that Zheng He ‘s expedition was beneficial for his country because he wanted to demonstrate the power of the Ming Dynasty. He also brought back new trade items and understanding of other regions in the world which influenced Chinese culture.

  11. Through Zheng He’s voyages, he made valuable impacts on China. Though he may have not gone about it the best way possible, he still brought back many useful goods such as the first giraffe, zebras, and other exotic items. Along his voyages, he was able to also spread the word of the Ming Dynasty as he traveled around.

    • I agree. His ways of going about his voyages may not have been supported by everyone, but he still was able to make a positive impact on China.

  12. Zheng He had a positive impact on post-classical China. His voyages created a good reputation for China. And not only did his voyages open up new trading possibilities but he also influenced China’s growth and expansion. Zheng He also brought animals unknown and unfamiliar to the Chinese including giraffes, zebras, and other items.

  13. Zheng had a major positive impact on post classical China. He traveled through the Indian Ocean to reach Calicut, India. The reason for him travelling there was to obtain gifts and recognition from other rulers and higher powers. Zheng went on many voyages and gained respect and knowledge from the places he visited. He also brought back items and treasures which spread other places culture into China.

    • I agree, Zhen He had a major positive impact with his voyages that resulted in gifts and recognition from other rulers.

    • I like that you mentioned he wanted to obtain gifts and recognition during his voyages. It shows that while the purpose of these voyages was to gain knowledge of cultures outside of China, Zheng He also wanted to bring knowledge of China culture to other regions of the world.

  14. Zheng had a positive impact on post-classical China. He led the largest ships in the world on voyages which helped to exhibit China’s superiority at navigating and ship building. Zhen He also helped in the battles that succeeded in winning the thrown. He supervised construction and the commanding fleet of trading. Zheng went on many adventures where he would travel to other nations and even defeated pirates that his ships would come across.

  15. Zheng He led many voyages led to China’s diplomatic and trade relations to be restored. He expanded China’s political influence in the world. He was able to expand friendly ties with other nations.

  16. The impact of Zheng He was a positive one. He was a servant of a prince who was to become emperor. In that time Zheng he became a skilled warrior and went on to supervise the building and commanding of a fleet of massive ships. The voyages the ships were to be sailed on were not to conquer or war, but were prepared to fight if not respected. His voyages brought back gifts to China and upon his final voyage, Zheng He had memorials built to remember his accomplishments for China.

  17. Zheng He showed the Chinese people now ways to get to other lands. He was sent to show the glory of the Ming empire in China at the time. He visited Many destinations of the Indian Ocean trade and later these voyages made the Ming dynasty stop wanting to expand and become more isolated from the rest of the world.

    • The ideas of Zheng He and impact he had seemed much greater in your post. The fact that the voyages he had accomplished had an effect on the Ming dynasty is unbelievable to me. I agree with everything you pointed out.

  18. Zheng He’s voyages had a good impact on post-classical China because it increased China’s trade with other parts of the world and the Chinese gained more knowledge of other cultures. During Zheng He’s travels, he aimed to impress upon others the idea that China had a powerful navy. After Zheng He’s voyages, the rulers of China stopped attempting to flaunt their military overseas and focused on their northern power and safety. He brought back exotic treasures from his voyages which influenced Chinese culture. His voyages also affected places outside of China. Zheng He’s impact on post-classical China includes demonstrating Chinese power through shipbuilding and navigation technology.

    • I agree with the positive impact he had on china. The voyages did lead to the spread of the culture but it also did show off their grand boats. I didn’t even think about the other places that were affected by his voyages.

  19. Zheng He’s voyages mostly impacted the trading and the name of china. As his impressive boats explored the sea it also flaunted how well off china was. With a seven of 7 major voyages. The voyages set out for recognition and gifts with no intent to battle but only if it was necessary. Upon return from his voyages china was introduced to many exotic things including giraffes, zebras, and other unseen items. Influencing a change into the way of life. Shortly after his death the grand boats became a figure of the past and were soon forgotten. His impact was introduction of new rare items along with the grand voyages he went on with advanced technology.

  20. Zheng He’s voyages though fighting was not the goal, many suffered because of them. People they came across had no choice except to respect them or they would have to fear for their lives.

  21. Zheng’s impact on China was very important to it’s growth. He led seven expeditions. These expeditions weren’t to trade or find new land but just for recognition and respect. Although he did bring back some animals. Without him those animals might not be in China today.

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