AP World Post #3

What was the overriding factor that allowed the explosion of exploration that occurred at the start of the 1450’s? Be sure to use specific examples and challenge each other.

This post will close on Oct 21 at 5:00 pm. Be sure to review the rubric on how points are earned

3 thoughts on “AP World Post #3

  1. In 1450-1750 the big burst in trade and exploration can be directly linked to the new innovation that had been created. Things like better boats, compasses, and astrolabes all contributed to the amount of exploration that occurred. Perhaps the most influential would be the need/want to discover new places that had taken over peoples minds in this era.

    • I can see your points in the innovations being connected to trade and exploration. I agree on the need/want to discover new places being the most influential since trade can only be expanded more if people are willing to be engaged in it and will spread the word about it.

  2. The overriding factor that allows the explosion of exploration at the start of the 1450’s is people’s curiosity. If people didn’t want to travel around to explore what was out there, they wouldn’t have known about the other places and the ability to create the inventions that were used to trade. They wouldn’t have thought of buying these new inventions or goods like silk, better sails, spices, cotton, and other goods. Their curiosity allowed them to engage in trading for their interests and needs.

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