Latin America Project

Directions:  Provide the following information for the figures you have been assigned:  A) dates lived, B) 3-4 bullet points of biography, C) explanation of 3-4 major accomplishments or works, and D) analysis of how he/she relates to the themes of Latin American Consolidation.  Be sure to include a visual of the person or place.

1. Toussaint L’Overture 
2. Father Hidalgo
3. Augustin de Iturbide
4. Simon Bolivar
5. Gran Colombia
6. Jose de San Martin 
7. August Comte 
8. Andres Santa Cruz 
9. Dom Pedro I 
10. Joao VI
11. Juan Manuel de Rosas
12. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
13. Benito Juarez
14. Maximillian von Habsburg
15. Domingo Sarmiento
16. Porfirio Diaz


Early Latin America Questions

In your group answer the following questions on Latin America.

  1. In what sense can it be said that the nature of the Latin American colonies was simply a reflection of Iberian society?  Be sure to address at least 3 different characteristics (cultural, political, religious, economic, etc)

2. Compare and contrast the colonies of Spanish America with Portuguese Brazil.

3. Compare Latin American labor systems with either Russian or feudal European practices.

4. Compare the Spanish conquest of the Americas with one of the following…
-Post-Classical Arab conquest of the Middle East
-Classical Roman conquest of the Mediterranean world
-Mongol conquest of the Eastern World

5. How did Latin American demography and environment change from Pre-Columbian times through the era of Spanish/Portuguese colonization?