Ch 18 Project

Select one person or event and choose one of the following tasks to complete.  This project will be extra credit, you do not have to complete it.  The project will be due on 10/30 at the start of class.

Moviemaker (1 person)

Write a one page “pitch” to a producer explaining why the story of the person or event would  make a great movie.

Collage (1 person)

Create a collage around a person or event.

Timeline (1 person)

Create a timeline that includes both the events in the novel and historical information of the time. Try using Post-Its on a whiteboard or butcher paper!

Board game (2 to 3 people)

Design a board game on a person or event.

Trailer (2 to 3 people)

Movie previews always offer a quick sequence of the best moments that make us want to watch it.

Sing me a song (1 person)

Write a song/ballad about the person or event.

One Act Play (1 to 3 people)

Write and perform a one act play. The play needs to be at least 3 minutes long and everyone must perform.

Events and People

Glorious Revolution

John Locke

Francis Bacon

Isaac Newton

Rene Descartes

William Harvey


Scientific Revolution

Gold and Silver-Impact on world


Martin Luther

John Calvin and Calvinism

Johannes Gutenberg

Renaissance, either Italian or Northern