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What is the main problem facing the United States government right now?  Any suggestions on how it may be corrected?

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  1. I think there are two main issues in the US right now. The first being incorrect treatment of Corona and making it political when people’s lives and well being’s are at risk. The second issue is the injustice of black lives which also includes people’s lives and well being’s. As for Corona I’m not sure what steps could be taken since I’m not a doctor, but I think it would be beneficial if it was treated less like a game. As for the black lives matter movement I think continuing to sign protests and stay strong for the justice of others, it would also be beneficial for the government to treat lives as a priority rather than labeling it as a threat because the anger is beyond justifiable.

  2. I believe one of the issues in the United states today is the mistreatment of the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially in Arizona. President trump made his first mistake by not taking this virus seriously by not taking action and making the necessary changes to protect the people. It is the same problem with Doug Ducey. Arizona was on of the later states to implement precautions for Covid. Like the necessity of wearing masks in public places and the “six feet” rule. I think that this lack of seriousness taken with the pandemic is what has caused this virus to only have gotten worse over these past months.

  3. A huge issue discussed within the government is coronavirus. It has taken a huge toll on every life of every American, economics, health, and safety. I wish everything could go back to normal, but that is unrealistic where as the government should come up with better systems and plans to protect and stop the spread of corona.

  4. Well they are facing multiple things but what i see as the biggest is that the job market is low and is suffering from covid-19 because when we closed the states we had some people not working and some people lost their jobs. so with this we aren’t doing the best but if the government tries to tackle this we can make it through these rough times.

  5. I believe it is covid-19 because we have so many people who are catching this virus. We also have some who may not have it and be perfectly fine until they go to a hospital for a different cause and end up catching the virus. The way to fix this problem is to watch your health and how you take care of yourself things like eating better and self distancing.

  6. I believe the main problem the government is facing is knowing how to deal with economic and ethical problems in the world, while they think they fixed everything, but actually making them worse by making the Covid-19 a political thing and mot taking serious action on protecting anyone of color.

  7. I believe that the Coronavirus is an important problem facing our government. If we are to remain healthy, we need to follow the guidelines that are set before us. We need to stay 6 feet apart and wear our masks. Major facilities such as stores can remain open, but public eateries, places of entertainment, and schools should remain closed until numbers stabilize. Medical agencies and countermeasures should have been put in place in order to combat this virus from the start. If these steps were taken, the loss of life that originally occurred could have been prevented.

  8. There are so many problems in the government, but the biggest thing is with the president. Most of the problems are caused by some of the choices he chose.

  9. I believe that one of the biggest problems with our government right now is the Covid-19 issue. I think that they let it get way out of hand when in reality I believe they could have controlled it way more. A lot of people were not taking it seriously by not wearing a mask when leaving their home. Along with that, many people never social distanced. There were many people who continued to get together in big groups with their friends.

  10. The main problem facing the US government right now is economy. The economy has transcended into a downward spiral because of closures of establishments due to corona virus. Businesses have been forced to shut down and more people are spending less because of limited work opportunities. We have attempted to solve this issue by not enforcing shutdowns and due to this we see a rise in the amount of corona virus cases.

  11. The main problem that government is facing right now is the pandemic outbreak. Especially in Arizona. In order to stop this from getting worse, applying statewide rules such as wearing a mask and not leaving it up to each city or county. Also, places that are high risk such as schools should remained closed, but businesses that keep our city moving should be able to open and the costumers should be 6 ft apart a wear a mask for their safety and the safety of others.

  12. I believe that one of the main problems facing the United States government is health care. The US healthcare system is extremely expensive and cannot be afforded my most citizens, especially in times like this.

  13. I think the problem with the government is simple which is they are ignorant and clearly cant see the simple solution for this pandemic. The way i would have address the situation is putting everyone on quarantine for 2 weeks to stop the spread of the disease and lower the number of people infected. I believe if that would’ve been in place then students wouldn’t have to go through this online education and the seniors can actually walk because that’s what we’ve earned and looked forward to.

  14. One of the biggest problem with our government right now is corona. The federal government should do a way better job with assisting states that aren’t handling the corona virus well like Florida. Also the state and federal government should prioritize lives over money and not care how long we have to be shut down.

  15. I believe the main problem the US is facing currently would be the mistreatment of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The reason being is that Covid-19 is being spread daily and civilians aren’t following guidelines when it comes to social distancing and proper disposal of their waste. Covid-19 is a virus and can be spread without you even knowing it. This pandemic has put hundreds of millions of lives in serious danger.

  16. One of the greatest issues facing the United States right now is Corona-virus and the way it is being mistreated. It may not be as deadly as other diseases around the world, but it can be dreadful for others with health issues such as Asthma, diabetes, and cancer. The government continue to disappoint by not placing strict enough guidelines.

  17. One of the greatest issues facing the United States right now is the Corona-Virus and the method of preventing it from spreading even more throughout the U.S. I believe that masks being mandated is a good suggestion because the more people that wear there mask and stay inside the less the virus can spread and the better hospitals can manage their patients

  18. I believe one of the biggest problems in the US today is the health care system. Even with a pandemic going on, people can’t afford to see a doctor. The health care system needs to change to be more inclusive.

  19. I think the biggest problem in our government today is the divide amongst everyone, whether that be between everyday citizens and high ranking officials due to political parties. Corona has not helped as it has become more of a commercial in a way to help advertise the next presidential election. Constant bashing of both parties through political ads are more common than a solution to those problems that everyone faces, regardless of political parties. I simply suggest constant meetings between high ranking officials, medical experts, scientists.

  20. One of the greatest issues right now we are facing in the united states currently, would be the pandemic of the corona-virus. specifically here in Arizona, for us to stop the spread and for it not to get worse would be to wear masks when going out in public and to have social distancing. also for the government to have a better way of handling this outbreak in different areas in the united states.

  21. I believe the government is facing multiple problems one with how they treated the coviid incident and what they did for it. When they could’ve stopped it way sooner and saved many lives. There is also how many people are being falsely accused of everything.

  22. The coronavirus cases keep on rising and we keep on opening up. We could stay quarantined for longer instead of opening up and to also practice social distancing and allow only groups to go into places.

  23. I think the main issue government is facing is how to deal with, control and help distribute treatments for covid-19. Many people in government want to make it mandatory for people to wear a mask and keep away from large group events. The only problem is that the people think they are trying to take away some rights by making masks mandatory. The only way I can think to fix this is by wearing masks and maintaining the six feet.

  24. The main problem facing the US Government right now, would be the Corona-Virus. There are a lot of people who disagree with the way the U.S. has taken control of things, seeing now that as other countries can start going back to normal because of the proper procedures that were taken.

  25. the main problem with most of the U.S is its lack of culture family values morality honor lack of education and a all around lack of self betterment among its people and deep thinking and blind loyalty to its government and not willing to face the fact that there own government is a larger threat to the peoples freedoms them some random people thousands.

  26. the problem they are facing is covid outbreak and how it is effecting everyone differently it can be corrected by setting guild lines people and businesses must follow with no exception

  27. The biggest problem in America right now is hands down the Corona Virus. We have lost Jobs, Money and we are more divided than ever. The virus has put Americans on their heels.

  28. I think a big problem the us gov. is facing is Covid. It’s really complicated because we don’t want it to spread but we also need jobs.

  29. I’m not really knowledgeable on the topic of politics but what I do know from mainstream media is the COVID-19 Pandemic and how most older generations don’t believe of it’s existence which is making the pandemic last longer and of course the Black Lives Matter movement and how most African American lives are at risk. About the spread of COVID-19 I think stores should just offers masks like what Whole Food’s did and offer masks and if the customer complains then just kick them out and don’t let them in until they wear a mask but for Black Lives just treat them equally, don’t just arrest them for unjust or corrupt reasons.

  30. The state of our government today I would say is anything but ideal.The mismanagement of COVID-19 and the complete ignorance of the way the BLM movement is being dealt with. I believe big changes should and are on the horizon for this country. I believe a new face in the oval office would be moving in a more productive direction.

  31. The big idea is targeted on COVID-19 that’s the man global pandemic that they can’t even handle at all I fee like they are not organized or don’t care for the United States. And I thin they should make states more caution for when going out bout during covid I think they should shutdown places too drop covid cases

  32. The biggest problem with the government right now is how COVID 19 is being handled. We are receiving mix messages from the government, the CDC and the medical field. This is causing a lot of confusion which should have been handled better by the government. The other thing is how the government is handling the immigration issues. It is wrong that so many families are being separated and their is no resolution to their situation.

  33. The problem with the government today is Covid-19, the government isn’t being vocal with people on what is going on with corona cases. And economically there is a lot going on with unemployment and poverty due to Covid-19.

  34. I believe that the main problem facing the United States government today is the impact that Corona has had over the economy. There has been a massive increase in unemployment rates. I do not have any ideas on a solution for corona, but I do know that with the power that the government holds over their citizens, they should be able to help more people who have lost their jobs.

  35. The main problem we are facing is a lack of basic human rights we have the right to use our voices but every time the black community tries to speak up we always get shut down and it’s not only the black community it’s the Hispanic community as well kids getting taken away from there home and being put in literal cages separated from there family without any knowledge of what’s going to happen. Also in Yemen innocent people are being killed and forced going against there religious believes this is absolutely heartbreaking to see the world coming to this and there needs to be change

  36. We have two huge problems today and its the lack of equality among us which are the multiple protests worldwide and the covid-19 pandemic. The main problem is that everyone is making everything a political statement. A mask is for safety, not political. People also don’t believe the severity and it has affected our economy greatly. So many are unemployed. Also another problem is the government not listening to the voices of the people. Riots everywhere where people are demanding that the voices of the black community be heard and demand justice, equality. It’s been a fight that all minorities have been fighting for forever . A suggestion to these problems is that they enforce a week shutdown and heavily endorce the mask policy because every other country has it under control but us because we don’t have strict policies. And the other is for the government to listen to the people

  37. I think the main problem the US government is facing is the mainstream media. This is a problem because people that see it believe it automatically and in most cases the information is fake news. Media outlets have the goal of pushing a certain agenda and this is obtainable to them because of how easy it is for people to believe it. You are often taught that the news is correct since it is informing you, times have changed and that is not the case. The government then has to deal with the outcome and panic the public has from reading it. Since there is so much controversy in America, the mainstream media producing fake news on top of that is the biggest issue.

    • There are many problems going on in the world right now such as police brutality, minority races not being treated equally, COVID-19 and so much more but, the real problem the government is facing is the economy not at its best people are losing their jobs, collecting unemployment and living in fear. With COVID-19 spreading rapidly they don’t know if they should open up states, let them remain open or close them down.

  38. There are many problems, but the main problem that we are facing is the Coronavirus. Peoples well being is at risk and the mistake that everyone made was not taking it seriously when it first came out. But now everyone wants to take it seriously, when they see that innocent people are passing away from the virus that was just supposed to be like a cold, but turned out to be a really bad virus and couldn’t stop it in time cause it already spread worldwide. A suggestion and decision that should have came up in the beginning should have been to stop all international flights. Stopping international travels could have slowed the spread of the virus and gave us more time to come up with a proper plan.

  39. I believe one of the biggest problems the US is facing right now is the pandemic. I feel like it all could of been controlled much long ago if the government, Trump, as well as the citizens of this country weren’t so ignorant. The pandemic is causing a lot of other problems, not to resurface, but to get more attention, as well.

  40. the problem in the united states is where we fund our money and choose to forward our attention too.
    like the news posting stories covering a larger story.
    they cover stories over stories one week could be a BLM protest next week its about the virus if we could could focus our attention on our overall well being of our country would help every one

  41. One of the biggest problems facing the United States government is COVID. The approach towards reducing the numbers of this pandemic has been completely backwards. Masks have just now become a requirement in majority of businesses, after the fact that this virus has affected many families and individuals. I just feel as though correct protocol and safety precautions could have been implemented as the virus first began to pose a threat to everyone, and we may be at school right now instead of doing Senior year online and having many people out of jobs.

  42. One of the biggest problems in the U.S. in my opinion is the pandemic. Corona Virus is still spreading quickly and many people are at risk. People, such as myself, is at risk due to respiratory problems. It should get more attention so we can take care of this problem.

  43. The biggest problem the government is facing is the decline in health relating to the Covid. Part of the problem is people not taking it seriously and feeling too privileged and prideful to be wearing protection. the biggest thing the Government can do is continue to push wearing protection and having everything remain closed.

  44. I believe the biggest problem facing the us today is the coronavirus because are health is very important but this virus is affecting our way of life and our loved ones.

    • i completely agree with you on how corona-virus is the biggest problem we are facing right now, and that the virus is affecting our way of life. I believe that the government should take serious actions to stop spread covid-19.

  45. One of the main problems the US government is facing right now is handling the corona virus pandemic. The government has not done the best job at keeping people at home and wearing masks in public areas, which is most likely the reason that the United States is being hit the hardest from the virus.

  46. I believe the main problem the United States is facing right now is how to handle the Coronavirus. It has affected our country in many different ways and because the people need quick solutions, not all of them are being resolved properly. Not all states require the same amount of enforcement for the safety of others. The way money is being distributed among the people is not all fair. Covid-19 has just made a lot of non debatable changes for the people and the country.

  47. I believe the biggest issue with the government right now is the division between the parties. I feel like a lot of our issues come from the two main parties (republican and democrat) refusing to side with each other because they are “against each other” even if they deep down believe the other side is right on certain issues. I’m not sure how we can fix this issue and get the two parties to not be so petty, but I believe it’s a huge issue currently.

  48. I think the main issue right now would be covid-19 and how the government is handling it. I feel like there is so little information out and people are not seeing the real numbers. It has effected everyone in the country as well as school and companies and jobs. I feel like people need to see the real numbers, listen to how to avoid covid-19 and stay safe without panicing.

  49. I think the biggest problem in the US today is Covid because the way the government is handling it . I feel like it shouldve taken care of a long time ago. also I think its weird how every state requires diffrent saftey things they shoud all be they same in all 50 states

  50. I think the biggest problem in the US for the government today is probably Covid because the impacts it has on the US i so much i dont think the government can handle it because it is something new every day and state governors constantly change policies because nothing is working.

  51. I think one of our biggest issues today besides corona, is battling corruption. Corruption affects a staggering amount of livelihoods, and questions the faith of U.S Citizens in their governments and the rule of law.

  52. I think the biggest problem the U.S. Government is having right now is concerning themselves with the safety of individual Americans. Corona Virus has taken a huge toll on businesses, and they way they function. It has taken away countless jobs from the ones whom need it the most. Figuring out how to counteract the effects of Covid-19 is currently the biggest problem our government is facing especially in the state of Arizona. Our governor has done a poor job keeping everyone safe from harm. People are just trying to make it in this world and the effects of Corona have been seen through new eyes, especially by our government’s standards.

  53. Constitutional amendments were created to address issues that weren’t foreseen by the Founding Fathers as they were writing the original document. Issues like Citizens United, a supreme court decision which opened the floodgates for the influx of corporate money into political campaigns. Congress is too corrupted by big money and special interests to adequately address campaign finance reform. State legislators using the state initiated convention procedure in Article V of the Constitution can propose an amendment to fix the influence that big money and special interests have over the American government. Applying for a Constitutional convention will either directly result in the desired amendment or pressure Congress to act. The idea that big money interests had bought influence over American politics at the federal level is not new and this corrupt system had been entrenched by Supreme Court cases dating back decades that ruled many bipartisan campaign finance laws unconstitutional.

  54. One of the biggest issues facing our economy currently is the division of parties or lack thereof. People are claiming to be on one side as “tolerant”, yet bash the other. Or the other side lacks empathy in certain topics. Because the election is right around the corner, there’s more tension between both sides, and even those who claim to be neutral. People are fleeing towards the media and collecting false propaganda and tampered statistics and information

  55. I believe the two main problems that America is facing at the moment is Covid-19 as well as the injustice of black lives. I believe that Covid-19 can be corrected if people just stay clean to be honest. The injustice for black lives can be correct when America can open their eyes and see the wrongs and treat us as equals. Caucasians are no better than anybody else.

  56. Well In the current time, covid 19 has been brought to the attention that since parents who have
    lost there jobs cant return to work with out child care being available to them,because off this
    academic they are trying to figure out how there going to keep kids in the place with out getting
    effected by covid,this is taking lot of lost time for adults who need to return to work and its
    affecting the child care system as we

  57. The main problem facing the US government right now is probably the quarantine and dealing with the many jobs being lost. The way to fix it would probably have everyone listening to doctors advice in order to have it end faster and get back to fixing other problems.

  58. I think one of the biggest problem the us gov is facing is with covid, like what should reopen, what shouldn’t, if they do reopen how should they do it. I think that smartest thing they can do is talk with experts and talk about how we can safely reopen places

  59. Right now I believe the two major things going on right now in 2020 are Covid and the black lives matter movement. Right now the U.S. Govt wants kids to go back to school because they said cases have gone down, but the only reason cases have gone down is because people are staying at home right now. And the Black lives matter movement is advocating for non-violence civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality against black people and people who support the BLM movement.

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