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Studies show that the young voter bloc (age 18-25) rarely votes. Why is this? What can be done to increase voter turnout?

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  1. I think a lot of people between 18 and 25 do not want to vote because they are not familiar with the parties so they are unsure who to vote for, they do not think their vote matters, or they are young s maybe they do not know the whole voting system. Ways to increase voting would to put it on social media more, people between those ages are constantly on social media so that would help promote it more.

    • I agree with you, social media is a very effective way, especially for the younger generations, to educate them on how voting works.

    • I agree as well, social media would be a good way for the youth to see who’s running and maybe see who they want to vote for.

      • I also agree with that since there clearly isn’t very much knowledge (unless you’re learning it yourself) on anything with voting. So for many it’s probably better to stay away than to make a bad decision that could take part in influencing many

    • I agree that 18-25 year olds are not all familiar with the views of the political parties, i think its also important to take into account that some of those young people also have other more important things to them to do such as college and job searching.I also agree that putting more political information and education may increase interest

    • I agree with you because I myself is unsure of both of the parties. I myself don’t think my vote matters as well.

  2. I feel that the younger generations up and coming into the world of politics, is very intimidated about making their side clear. As much as that may be true, in my experience I have seen that kids my age have been very vocal about their political views, and its exciting to see that this next generation will be one that changes the future of our country. Something they could do to help encourage citizens to go and vote is a tax cut of some sort for that year, or rather the next four years.

    • I agree putting a tax on it could potentially make people want to go vote more, money makes the world go round anyways. I feel like essentially forcing people into voting would make people resent it though. It’s supposed to be viewed as a privilege now has turned into a chore for people.

    • I agree with the tax cut, I think it’s a smart idea but we also don’t want people to just vote for random people just get a tax cut off

    • I agree, it is nice to see that more young people are becoming vocal about needing to vote. I feel as though, in this up and coming election there will be a higher voter turn out than in previous years because even now I get notifications to vote on Instagram and I am not eligible to vote yet, but it is nice to see and encourage more young people to vote more.

    • Yes I agree with you Dale, we go onto social media and almost everyday we see some that our peers posted in regards to current events.

  3. One big reason why many of 18-24 don’t vote could be the lack of knowledge of voting. Many probably don’t know where do go, or what do to when it comes to voting. I am 17 and I don’t even know how to vote myself. If we want more young people voting then we should teach, or show how voting works or give more information to the youth so they can vote.

    • I agree with that most have a lack of knowledge but at that age, you can’t make them learn if they don’t want to and the info given to them can go one ear out the other.

    • yes i agree i don’t understand somethings about voting and it can be really scary to decide who you want to vote for

    • I completely agree, I said the same in my response, but now that I think of it, it is not just as simple as teaching it in school because that can be met with controversy and also a financial issue. Not every school will have the financial needs to teach it.

    • I also agree that lack of knowledge is a big one, I also have no idea how any of that works or who to vote for.

    • I agree, the younger generation of voters are not taught when, where, and how to vote, and its something more seen to me at least as something that is truly important to know how to do PROPERLY.

    • Yes this is true, many young people simply do not know how to vote and they should cover that subject more in schools.

    • I completely agree, I feel as if school is not teaching me what I need to be taught. Im 17 as well and I know that you can either vote in person or through mail but I don’t know any more than that.

  4. One reason why age 18-25 do not vote is because they are not taught about how the government or elections work. Or, they are not interested about politics. One solution to this problem would be to teach them young about politics and the importance of voting.

    • I agree with you, I myself don’t know that much on voting or the government. If we got taught it more at school then maybe more would definitely vote.

    • I agree that young people’s voter apathy is caused by alienation from the political system because they find it bewildering, corrupt, futile or some combination thereof. And one way to combat that would be more education in the school system about civics and the importance of voting.

  5. I think that people in that age group just don’t participate because their views don’t align with any candidate or they don’t know enough about the situation to give a vote. Maybe if there were better commercials that properly state the beliefs and goals of each party rather than making one seem better than the other then people would be more inclined to take part in what they feel is something beneficial.

    • I agree with your post, Hailey. Since younger people may not vote if they are not properly informed about their party’s stance on a specific issue or what they believe in. Some of these people are trying to hold a job in addition to schoolwork or dealing with other problems in their life. They don’t have time to vote. It would help if political parties would create an efficient system that can inform voters about their goals and plans. It would make voting easier.

  6. I think view voting as a responsibility and to care about a broad range of issues, not just those commonly associated with aging. They are more connected to their communities, which also makes them more likely to vote. Lake agrees and adds that the agenda for senior voters has been expanding.

  7. I believe young people don’t vote as much because they simply don’t care, they they believe and most likely do have better things to do such as college and job searching that they don’t have time figure out who there voting for. I think the best example of what a person has to do to get young voters attention is do what Berry Sanders did and use platforms young people use such as Twitch and Instagram.

    • I agree with you because younger people do not care. Also that using social media can get attention from younger people to vote.

    • This is happening because 18 and 25 is the required age to vote for anything. To make the vote turnout is to the right vote next time.

    • I agree with you. Many young people have so many things on their plates that they don’t think voting is important.

    • I agree that the candidate has to appeal to the younger generation if they want their vote, but the more I think about it, perhaps the candidates don’t push their advertisements towards younger people because they don’t need their votes as much, or based on past elections, they tend to not vote, so it becomes a never ending cycle,the teens not voting, which makes the candidates spend less money to target that age range.

    • I agree that people that age probably just don’t care to vote. I also agree that using those platforms could help get young people’s attention.

  8. I think that people between the age group of 18 and 25 do not vote because they are not sure who to vote for. also the may not be sure how the political party’s work yet.One solution on how younger people can start voting is if they were to teach us how to do it while we are still in school.

  9. I think that people between the age group of 18 and 25 do not vote because they are not sure who to vote for. also the may not be sure how the political party’s work yet. Another thing that can change how younger people vote is if they were to teach us how to vote in school.

  10. Many of the younger voters may believe that their vote may not matter due to the electoral college or is misinformed on voter registration. i believe there should be more information on how to register and vote for November.

    • I agree that young people don’t realize how much their votes can impact the outcome of the election and that they need to be better informed on how everything works.

  11. Those who are in that age range most likely do not know enough about each party and do not feel comfortable voting, or they are in the mindset that their vote will not matter, maybe because they are in a minority or in a state in which is normally a “Republican state” or “Democratic State”. It could also simply be that they “don’t care” enough about the elections. We should be taught in school on the steps to vote, not on who but the actual steps and information needed to vote on the ballot.

    • I could not have agreed with you more. I think that if we are taught this in school, the outcome of more of us voting would be much higher.

  12. I believe that the reason why young people barely vote is because they don’t care as much and they hardly see it on social media so they think it isn’t a big thing to take notice of. It could also be by that the age range from 18-25 do not really know how all the political parties work as, older people do.

    • I agree, our generation doesn’t seem to pay much attention to government issues as much as the older generations do and we are surrounded by memes and cool apps rather than news reports or political issues. Maybe its a maturity thing?

  13. I think a lot of people around the ages of 18-25 don’t vote because they lack the knowledge or confidence behind their vote. A lot of people I know around my age don’t watch the news or keep up with politics at all so it would be hard for them to vote when they turn 18 because if they already view politics as not important then they will see voting in that same way. Also because they don’t pay attention to those things they are lost as to which party they align with and who to give their vote to. I feel like voting is met with such high standards that its almost like you are a bad person if you don’t vote because people have fought for it, so since it is that big of a deal it puts a lot of pressure on people to vote and to make the right choice when voting.

    • I agree 100% with this statement but you shouldn’t feel like a bad person about not voting unless you’re aware of how important is really is and in that case, you know right from wrong but still decide to be selfish and I think that’s part of the problem with young voters.

  14. I feel like younger people not vote because like what they see in social media and how much crisis happening or like how each president has there bad side and the ages 18-25 and I feel like they don’t care to vote at all anyways cause they don’t pay attention to it.

  15. I think that younger voters don’t vote as much because of the fact they don’t know exactly who they want to vote for and what could ultimately benefit their future. Maybe to increase younger votes is to talk more about the projected youths’ future.

  16. I think most ordinary people at those ages are not that into politics and think of it as a big deal to them. Many aren’t really knowledgeable in that area either and choose not to educate themselves on it so they just ignore it and don’t participate or don’t find their vote essential enough to make a difference.

  17. I think alot of people between the ages of 18 to 25 rarely vote because they are uneducated, they werent taught or informed about whats going on . Also people ages 18 to 25 tend to lean on social media for alot of information so many may be convinced that theyre opinon dont matter.Younger voters can be increased if the younger voters arre more informed about theyre options

    • I completely agree that younger people are not educated on politics. I don’t think social media causes them to think their opinions don’t matter, however I do believe social media distracts them from the issues of the nation which makes them less prepared and informed on what is happening and what their options are; further discouraging them from voting.

  18. I believe that the reason being why that age group does not vote as much is due to the fact that they might not have a lot of knowledge regarding politics. Also that they might not specifically know who to vote for due to their beliefs. One way we could fix this issue if if we encourage students in high school to educate themselves on the process for voting.

    • I agree many people in those age groups may not know about all the political parties they are. They choose not to vote because they disagree with the beilefs of the republicans and the democrats

  19. I believe young minorities choose not to vote because they believe their votes will not matter. many of the young voters may not know about all the different parties that they can vote for. For a while I only knew about the the republicans and democrats but when then I didnt know much about those two parties.

    • I agree with you, younger voters are not getting educated on how to vote and for who. There are more than two parties they can vote for and they don’t realize how important it is to vote, if they want change.

    • Yes I agree, Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a government class. Therefore they are less attracted to voting due to the lack of knowledge.

  20. i think the majority of the voters 18-25 don’t vote is because they don’t feel educated enough on the politics and the parties in the US. they would rather wait until another election until they have their beliefs and views in check.

    • I completely agree. As a teenager I feel lost and confused when it comes to politics. I also agree that they would rather wait until they know their beliefs and values because when you are young, most of everything is up in the air waiting to be figured out

  21. I think younger voters don’t vote as much because they do not know much about politics and because they are not educated on it, voting seems unimportant and as if it won’t make a difference. Also many young people are confused about some of their own beliefs and views so they don’t know who to vote for, so they don’t vote at all.

    • i agree there should be more education in politics so these people have at least an understanding of the ideal politician they want in office.

  22. I think people 18-25 dont vote because they dont understand how important it is. another possibility might be that they dont know who or which party to vote for. I think polls should advertise things that let that age group know their votes matter as much any other person’s vote.

  23. i think its because kids don’t really understand how and they may not know what group matches them the most or who to vote for

  24. I think people ages 18-25 don’t vote because they don’t feel they are entitled too. As u get older as an adult you become more wiser and connect/understand with the values of society. People at a young age are young minded, this is why most young people don’t vote. In order to change I believe society needs to include and express more political values to the youth, so people can understand it now rather than later..

  25. Because the younger gen feel it’s the older or elderly job to vote and be in charge of who’s involved to be leaders. We can make compensation for them to vote or show give them an example of how important it is to vote in America

  26. I believe they don’t vote between those ages because they don’t know much about politics I believe or about how the government works in a way, which is why I believe its good to get into it a bit in your teens. I believe if we could change how we look at politics and how we can address it to have younger ages start to vote while 18

  27. I believe that most of the people between the ages of 18 and 21 don’t vote because they may not know enough about political parties. I think the older you get the more you actually become involved in the things that are going on in the world and the way this country is running.

  28. I think the reason younger people don’t vote is because one: they are not educated on how and don’t realize the importance of voting, two: they simply do not care (which is sad). If you don’t like the way the politicians are running things, vote for someone who you think will do better. A way to get younger people to vote can be by putting more information about voting on social media since almost all younger people are on social media.

    • Yes I completely agree with you. I believe that most people in that age range spend most of their day on social media so expressing voting information on there would be smart.

  29. I think the reason why young people don’t vote is because they don’t really care, they want change but do nothing about, it’s like saying goes everyone wants to be a powerlifter but nobody wants to lift heavy weight. I think to help with it we can teach about the different candidates at schools.

    • I agree because i have thought that way for years. I just assumed others would vote, so i wouldn’t have to. I wish i was informed more about importance of voting.

    • I agree with you. Everyone wants to talk about wanting change but do not make an effort to change what they don’t like.

  30. I believe that young adults don’t vote because they were not properly informed of the process of voting and politics while in school. I think that if more schools begin talking about how important voting is, more teens of the age 18 would vote. Also, more advertising on social media would probably increase the voting rate.

  31. I think that young voters age 18-25 are misinformed and afraid to openly express their political party and views. They are not fully vocal of the voting subject and preferred to drive away the attention and focus in other areas to avoid being questioned.

  32. Young people choose not to vote because they simply believe it does not matter. The age group 18- 25 may not understand the political stands for the specific party.

  33. younger people choose not to vote because they think their vote wont matter or they have no idea how politics work.

  34. Younger people who don’t choose to vote have either no care or even a clue on how to vote. It could be that they don’t understand how the political system works and they haven’t figured out where they stand, or maybe they do know how it works and have some or no reason not to vote, and it could be possibly that there is no caring about any of this.

  35. Many young people feel as if their vote does not matter, so they tend not to even vote. I think if we were taught in high school how important it is and that our vote matters so much, votes would increase.

  36. If the ages where younger they would not vote because they wouldn’t think it mattered.The older you are the more wiser and you have more knowledge of everything

  37. I think that the younger generation is extremely uneducated and simply do not care about politics and they all rely on the internet for information and rarely have a good opinion

  38. I believe people between the ages of 18 – 25 don’t vote because they don’t think their vote matters or they don’t know enough about the political parties.

  39. I believe that our generation of people we think alike about politics because we simply dont care about the people in the office…

  40. The reason why that 18 year-old are the ones to vote is because they feel more comfortable to vote instead of teens.

  41. I believe that people between the ages 18 and 25 do not want to vote because they are not at all familiar with government and the parties within. They are unsure on who to vote for and what they are voting for. Most people aren’t even sure about the people who are running for office or their ideals. Most think that their vote doesn’t matter, as well as they maybe have no interest in the subject at all. Ways to increase voting would be to put teach high school students more relevant material and teach students the basics of government for voting.

    • I completely agree that young people are not familiar with the government and politics. I think that is what deters them from voting even more. I also agree that high schools should teach students the basics of government for voting.

  42. I feel like are a generation doesn’t really think about politics until it effects them. What people could do is giving people an award for voting like a lower tax day.

  43. I believe that 18-25 tend to not vote because they probably feel that some things the candidates say don’t pertain to them. They probably aren’t to familiar with the government and how the voting system works and most of people in that age group might feel that there vote doesn’t really matter so they choose no to vote. To increase the turn out of voting we need to inform and let them know that every vote counts and that there votes can truly make a difference.

    • I agree because as a young person, one may feel as though their vote doesn’t matter because they have never done it before so they choose not to vote.

  44. I believe that young people from ages 18-25 do not vote because of the imitation of politics. To young people, politics may seem imitating because this is their first time voting and they may not know who to vote for because of the stigma of negative politicians. It is overwhelming because of the new freedom to make decisions for their own community.

  45. I think people from the age of 18-25 rarely vote because they probably don’t know much about the political parties or they just don’t care. Most people that age might think that their vote will not make a difference so they don’t even bother. To increase voter turnout, information could be spread on different platforms to inform people on the political parties and how they can register to vote.

  46. I think that the reason people between the ages 18-25 do not vote is because in reality, they couldn’t care less. Nowadays most teen are unbothered by the political issues of the country, teens are fed up with the constant controversy of two sided arguments, therefore less motivation to vote.

  47. I think younger people do not vote for multiple reasons. One I think a lot of them are lazy and don’t feel like voting. I also believe that younger people don’t care as much about politics and voting. I believe that has a lot to do with it. And I also believe that they aren’t sure who they want to vote for so they just decide to not vote at all.

    • I agree with your statement, as I also believe that younger people don’t care as much for voting and politics, this may be due to it boring them

  48. younger people ages 18 to 25 choose not to vote because the issues going on and the candidates dont talk about problems that they deal with our are concerned with . The candidatess want to reach people that vote so they rather talk about stuff older people are concerned about .

  49. 18-25 Year old don’t typically vote because most aren’t very educated or feel like their votes mean anything. Also most issues candidates speak about don’t involve the younger audience

  50. I feel that people between the ages of 18-25 rarely vote because they feel as though their vote doesn’t matter. It could also be the fact that younger people tend to not take interest in politics and such. I think to increase voter turnout young adults need to be more involved in understanding the issues that impact them, as well as engaging in conversation with either people of the same or opposing party.

  51. I think that people between the age of 18-25 rarely vote because they are not as educated with the politics and they are not interested in learining about it very much. I think to increase voter turnout these people could be invloved more in the government and more educated by the peoplearound them and their parents throughout their life. Most younger people only pay attention to the media on politics and that isnt good most the time because all the media focuses on is the bad.

  52. Their lack of access to information about issues and candidates keeps them from casting votes. Sending a reminder to voters about the election can increase voter turnout.

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